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Brick Bay Rosé 2022

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This distinctive, off-dry wine is evocative of summer berries, with generous layers of stone fruits, plums and citrus, an elegant minerality and a lingering, refreshing finish.

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Please note: Due to recent supply issues the bottle differs slightly to the image displayed.


Tasting Notes

A delicate iridescent pink, this elegant rosé recalls aromas of summer berries enhanced by floral, spice and citrus notes. The palate is fresh and silky, suggesting layers of lime, lychee, tamarillo, cherry, red berries and summer herbs. A velvety, strawberry sorbet mouthfeel is offset by a savoury backbone - this delicious medium-dry wine has a sliver of sweetness balanced by a vibrant touch of salty minerality and a lively, clean finish.

Expert Reviews

Made with Malbec, Merlot and Cabernet Franc the bouquet is excellent, but even better on the palate with aromas and flavours of crunchy red cherry and fresh light red plum flesh, there’s a natural earthy quality and fine lees textures. Acidity adds texture and crunch also pulling together the voice of place with a clay mineral and fresh fruited core. A lovely example, dry on the finish and a perfect accompaniment to roasted red beet risotto with a sprinkle of vintage parmesan cheese. Best drinking from 2023 through end of summer 2024.
Watch Cameron Douglas' live Tasting for Mindfood Magazine.

A blend of predominantly cabernet franc and merlot. Crushed summer berries with a dollop of cream and a seasoning of spices. A hint of sweetness is evident on the initial taste but it leads to a dry, peppery finish.


In the Vineyard 

Once again, the effect of Auckland lockdowns saw a smaller team at work in the vineyard, without our usual international backpacker support and winter pruning, all done by hand, was particularly challenging. A very early although uneven budburst gave us a long flowering period this vintage, something experienced in most grape growing regions in the country. Veraison (colour change and softening of the berries) also was early, with all the vines netted in early January.

Our vineyard team did their usual meticulous job of creating an open vine canopy by removing excess foliage by hand to allow air movement to dry the fruit and allow sunlight penetration. We are clearly reaping the benefits of the application over many years of organic soil health-enhancing products, producing healthier vines which can better withstand disease.

A mild but rainy winter gave way eventually to a dry hot summer, with just the odd unwelcome rain event. Nevertheless we were able to carefully monitor the developing fruit ripeness and hand harvest an exceptional quality crop. As with most regions in the country, our yield for this vintage was generally 20% less than the previous year, a reflection of a cooler, damp spring during the flowering period.


In the Winery

Made mainly from Malbec, supported by Cabernet Franc and Merlot, this refined blend balances lush ripe fruit within a sturdy framework. The grapes were gently pressed, left on their skins for a short time to achieve the desired colour and flavour profile, then vinified at cool temperatures in stainless steel. Stop-fermentation achieved an exceptional fruit/acid/sugar balance in this wine.


Ageing potential

As with most rosés, this wine is designed to drink over the summer following harvest. However, aging accentuates the dried fruit characters. Enjoy chilled with a wide variety of summer food flavours, or simply as a refreshing aperitif.


Harvest date: 7th–14th March 2022
Bottling date: 28th November 2022
Composition: Predominantly Malbec supported by Cabernet Franc and Merlot.
Alcohol: 13%
TA: 6.8
pH: 2.9
RS: 8g/L
Quantity: 432 dozen




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